What is the Vivant VLeaF?

Vivant is a relatively new company that has been making great strides recently. The Vivant ALTERNATE was their first dry herb vaporizer and they recently came out with a second, less expensive option. The VLeaF dry herb vaporizer is their most recent product and it comes in at $50 compared to their $130 ALTERNATE model. While the VLeaF lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that its pricier cousin has; it aims to provide a just as powerful vaping experience.


Inside the box

Inside the box is everything you need to use the device. It has the device on top and everything else in the accessories box below it. In the box is a cleaning brush, a dab tool/tamper, a waterpipe mouthpiece adapter, 3 screen replacements, a replacement o-ring, and the charging cable.

In the box is also a simple manual. It shows you how the device operates with warranty information and a list of the included accessories.


How it works

Using the device is very simple. It has a small ceramic chamber that you fill with your herb. This ceramic chamber holds about 0.3g of ground up bud. It also allows you to vaporize it without having to mix it halfway through the session.

The device turns on with the standard 5 clicks. You can choose your temperature by clicking the power button twice. It will rotate through the options. I found the middle ground to be a good temperature.

All you have to do then is twist the cap off, load your ground up herb into the chamber and lightly tamp it down (not too tight, but just enough to stuff it). Then you twist the cap back on and you’re loaded and ready to go.

Once the device is loaded and ready just hold the power button for 2 seconds and it will start heating. The lights will flash while it’s heating and go steady when it’s ready. The device will start a cooldown after a minute or two and the light will shut off. Press the button for another 2 seconds to start the heating back up and continue your session.


How well does it work?

The device gets hot fast and continues to provide heat for as long as I need it to. The heat was very controlled though and it never seemed to go above the temperature I chose for it. After half a dozen good hits with good sized clouds I took a look to see how toasty it was getting inside.

To my surprise it was looking very even inside. There weren’t any scorch marks where it was touching the ceramic either. I decided to continue on with the session to see how it would go. I let the bud get dark brown before I decided to pour it out. At this point it still didn’t taste bad, it tasted like vaped bud, but no burnt flavor at all. So I dumped it out to get a better look.

The bud came out very even. There were no visible hot or cold spots and it all looked good. I could have vaped the bud even farther if I wished, but I like to save my vaped bud to make edibles with, so it will all get used in the end.

Overall I am very impressed with how well this pen works.


Pros and Cons:


  • Low cost
  • Even heating
  • Accurate temperature
  • Solid feel in hands
  • Easy loading


  • Mouthpiece gets pretty warm
  • Rubber grip slides easily


Do I recommend this device?

This device packs an incredible punch for being only $50. It’s performance is on par with vaporizers 3 times its price and it does it in a good way. It lacks the bells and whistles like an led screen, or smartphone compatibility like a lot of the expensive vaporizers, but the heating chamber is top of the line, and that’s the part that really matters. The even heating and price point are the reasons I absolutely recommend this pen

Where can I get it?

You can buy the pen from their official website through this link here.

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