What is the SOURCE orb 4?

SOURCEvapes has a long history in the cannabis concentrate business making reliable wax vaporizers. One of their most recent versions is the SOURCE orb 4. A unique looking wax pen that comes with an assortment of atomizers to use with it, giving you a way to find your perfect combination.

Inside the premium kit is everything you need to get started. It includes a USB wall charger, a USB charging cord, a dab tool, a silicone container, a cleaning cloth, 6 atomizers, and the pen itself.

In Royal Gold this pen really looks quite nice. It also feels really solid in the hand, not light or flimsy. At the same time that weighty solid feeling makes it a little bit hard to balance. You don’t want it to tip over on you so you have to make sure you balance it well. This isn’t difficult, but is something to keep in mind when setting it down.

The mouthpiece is where it gets interesting. It uses a magnetic connection between the mouthpiece and the body, so accessing the atomizer is instant for loading more. The adjustable airflow is also a nice touch, as it slides easily, but not so easily you’ll adjust it accidentally. It’s nice for taking cooldown hits since you can let massive amounts of air in.

The Battery

The SOURCE orb 4 has a 650mah Sub-Ohm battery which honestly, isn’t fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, it works really well; but the power will not last long on it and you will find yourself charging it somewhat frequently.

On the bottom is a dial that you can twist to adjust the voltage. You can adjust the temperature by twisting the dial from 2.7v to 4.2v. Different atomizers work better with different voltages, so this is a very good feature to have. You’ll generally have the dial somewhere in the middle as most of the atomizers work well there. This dial is pretty solid feeling, and will not twist on its own, so you don’t have to worry about it getting bumped to max heat on accident. This is a very good pen shaped battery, but it really needs a box mod to truly shine (the Signature kit comes with a box mod, and more atomizers than the Premium kit).

Once you connect the two parts of the pen it becomes simple to switch between the atomizers, as they just twist in and are ready to go.

The Atomizers

The Premium kit comes with 6 of the available SOURCE atomizers. It comes with 4 wrapped coils and 2 bucket atomizers. The dual coils come in quartz, white ceramic, and black ceramic. It also comes with a single coil quartz atomizer, if you’re a fan of single coils.

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There is a lot of choices there, and it might seem overwhelming if it’s your first wax pen, but what I suggest is that you try them all, and just use your favourite. Personally, I have been using the titanium and quartz buckets, as they work very well for me. If you’re a fan of big clouds, then you may prefer the black ceramic or quartz coils.

Loading the titanium bucket is as easy as it gets. Pull the mouthpiece off, put a chunk of concentrate in it and put the mouthpiece back on. I fired it at about 75% power for two hits. The first thing I noticed was that all I could taste was the concentrate, and it was pretty good. Then the second hit tasted just as good. Now I’ve been using the pen for a little bit and have reloaded it a handful of times I’ve noticed that the taste was still super fresh and not burned at all.

There is no direct contact with the coils unlike the dual coil atomizers, the coil is below the titanium cup, so the titanium is more like a frying pan on a burner instead of putting it directly on the burner leading to extremely clean hits. The quartz and titanium buckets are also removable, by unscrewing the middle portion and sliding it out making cleaning as simple as lightly swabbing the cup with a q-tip dipped in Isopropyl alcohol.


  • Solid device, feels good in the hand.
  • Large selection of atomizers.
  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Magnetic mouthpiece.
  • Adjustable temperature.


  • Skinny battery struggles to stay upright.
  • Battery life on the shorter side.


The SOURCE orb 4 is a very good device. Everything about it feels quality and it performs well. I plan on switching the battery out with a box mod and making it my daily device. The atomizers are built well and reliable so they should last a long time with proper care. I look forward to using this device in the future and seeing just how long it withstands daily use, but so far it has done nothing but impress me, so it gets a passing grade from me.

Disclaimer: This device was provided free of charge for review purposes.

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