The Vivant DAbOX

The DAbOX is Vivant’s entry to the wax vaporizer world. It is a box style vaporizer that comes in at 60$. Vivant advertises this vaporizer as “THE MOST POWERFUL PORTABLE VAPORIZER IN THE MARKET” which is quite the claim. I’ll be taking a good look at the Dabox to see just how well it holds up to the claim

What’s in the box?

Inside the box is the stuff you would expect. It has the instruction manual, a micro-usb cord, a dab tool (glass), an atomizer, a couple spare o-rings and silicone splash guards.

The device itself comes with a dual clapton cord wire atomizer installed so it’s ready to go right out of the box. Or if you so wish you can change the atomizer out for the second one, which appears to use Stainless Steel instead of the clapton coil. The device has a 40 watt 1500mAh battery in it so it should deliver all the power that you need.

How well does it work?

Using the clapton coil I loaded up a small chunk of wax to test it out. I pulsed the battery to melt the shatter and stick it to the coil and to my surprise it melted and saturated the coils almost instantly.

This is where I started to get a little bit concerned, as it seems like it’s getting hot way too fast. I closed the device and took the hit.

Instantly I was hit by a hot wall of smoke. The coils were glowing red within a second of pushing the power button and it absolutely fried the shatter. It scorched it and burned off of the coils, causing the remaining shatter to turn dark and pool below the coils.

This is unfortunate. It seems like the battery is pushing out way too much heat making this device scorch and burn the wax instead of properly vaporizing it. The Stainless Steel coil also seems to operate the same, and gets way too hot to use properly. This makes it uncomfortable for me to use as I prefer cooler, smoother hits.

What else is there to know?

This device feels good in the hand. It seems to be all metal and feels sturdy. The swiveling atomizer is a neat feature and I like how easy it makes loading. I also like how the glass mouthpiece fills up with the smoke and the light from the power button makes it glow. These are superficial things though, and while it’s nice to have it feel and look good, performance is much more important.

Another thing to note is that the atomizers on this device are proprietary and they are not interchangeable. They use a rail system to slide into place. Removing the atomizers is difficult as you have to slide them out and they sit deep in the slot making it hard to get a grip on them.

There is also a splash guard over the atomizer. This splash guard is made of silicone. Apparently this silicone guard is far enough from the coils that it is safe, but I cannot help but feel concerned to have it so close to the atomizer. It also seems to get stained pretty quickly, and silicone stained with reclaim smells pretty bad. I would have preferred a metal splash guard that can be easily cleaned.

Pros and Cons


  • Feels solid in the hands
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Different atomizer included


  • Runs too hot and burns the wax
  • Proprietary atomizers
  • Silicone in air path
  • Power cannot be adjusted.


The Dabox may look good and feel solid in the hand, but unfortunately I cannot recommend it as it runs too hot and doesn’t properly vaporize the wax. I recommend that you look for a different device and skip over this one. Hopefully Vivant can work on the design and release a better wax pen, but the Dabox in my opinion isn’t worth it.

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