SOURCE recently sent me their most recent eNail kit to review. This device is their top of the line eNail coming with everything you need to get started. Included in the box is their SOURCE volt Max Temp Control mod, a Sony VTC4 to go with it, 6 atomizers (3 XL and 3 XXL), a 2 piece bubbler with a magnetic carb cap dab tool combo, a charging cord, cleaning cloth, and a hard metal case to store it all in. This kit sells for a pricey $250 on their website.

(Device was used for 2 weeks and then cleaned to show you how it looks after regular use)


The Options

Since the kit comes with so many attachments you have a lot of options to find your favourite combination. The 3 XL and 3 XXL bucket atomizers provide you with 3 different materials to dab off in different sizes and you can use it with either the bubbler, or the Slim XL attachment.

The 13mm and 15mm versions of the Ceramic, Quarts, and Titanium buckets


Personally I’ve been using the XL titanium bucket with the bubbler attachment and it has been providing an incredible experience.

My second favourite combination has been the XL quartz bucket with the Slim XL attachment. The quartz buckets hit smooth and flavourful while the titanium is the more hard hitting of the bunch.

The ceramic lies somewhere in between but I just haven’t liked it as much as the other two materials. The XXL versions of the buckets allow you to add a lot more material at once and works fantastically with the bubbler. One thing to note is that the XL and XXL atomizers use the same size heating elements, so you have to account for the extra heat-up time. But once it’s at temperature it dabs just like any other eNail. I prefer the XL versions because I typically dab small amounts at a time.


How well does it work?

In the two weeks I’ve been using this kit I have had time to really get a feel for it. It has been performing as well as a dab rig in my opinion and it is capable of handling anything you throw at it. The SOURCE volt Max box mod that comes with the kit is a slightly modified version of a eVic-VTC Mini and provides an easy experience with it’s options.

Note: The screen doesn’t have those diagonal lines. That’s just my camera.

I’ve been using it in temp control mode and it has been performing fantastically. I prefer lower temp dabs so I usually keep it around 420°F and it works well for me. The dab cap with the magnetic dab tool has been the perfect tool for the bubbler as well. Being able to remove the dab tool from the cap makes it much easier to load and dab it.

The Slim XL makes it even easier for on the go since you can load your dab and use it more like a regular wax pen. I prefer the quarts for this because it seems to be smoother and more even heating. I did have the ceramic 13mm bucket crack when I used it as you can see in the photos but SOURCE was quick to send me a replacement. The ceramic does seem to be much more brittle than the other options.

Cracked ceramic bucket

I also have noticed that you need to make sure those retaining metal rings are pretty snug (not too tight though as you can damage the heaters or buckets) otherwise you will have a little bit of oil leak out and run down the inside of the bucket. I was able to easily clean it by removing the bucket and heating the atomizer up while holding it upside down. The oil runs back out of it and can be saved and reused.

Pros and Cons:


  • True dabbing experience
  • Solid glass bubbler design
  • Variety of bucket materials
  • Everything fits in the case perfectly for travel
  • Magnetic dab tool/cap combo


  • Expensive
  • Same sized heaters in the XL and XXL
  • Cracked ceramic atomizer


This eNail kit is certainly a step in the right direction. With a couple of the kinks worked out and with the price a bit lower it would be much better. As it stands I do recommend it if you can afford it, but it’s hard to justify the hefty price at $250. I recommend waiting for a deal as SOURCE regularly has discounts on their items. In my opinion the buckets seem like a huge improvement over coil style atomizers and are on par with donuts. They seem like the way of the future if they can find a way to seal them better. I will happily continue using this eNail kit and look forward to more in the future.


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