Aovape Dima

Aovape recently sent me their Dima wax pen for review. This is their recently released wax pen and it aims to compete with other low cost devices at $45. It arrived in a pretty standard box and contains everything you need to get started.

What’s in the box?

Inside the box is the Dima body, a magnetic container that sits on the bottom of the device, a spare atomizer, a dab tool, and the standard charging cable. The magnetic container is a pretty good feature and is useful for people who want to load on the go.

How do you use it?

The Dima has a couple of features not seen in many other wax pens. The mouthpiece on the Dima swivels so that you can easily access the coils. I find that the coils sit pretty deep when you open it this way and unscrewing the mouthpiece may be easier. The magnetic concentrate container is a useful addition as well.  You can keep the container separate or keep it on the Dima depending on how you prefer it.

Using the Dima is simple. You load it like you would any other wax pen by dropping your material on the coils and closing it up. The Dima features an adjustable battery as well so you can control the temperature. 3 clicks lets you switch between red (3.5V), blue (3.8V), and white (4.2V). I found the highest setting to be a bit harsh and personally prefer it on a lower setting.

The Dima features a 1100mAh non-replaceable battery which should be powerful enough to last you a while. The triple quarts coil that is provided with the devices seems like a good alternative to the dual coil ones most pens use as it takes up more space and allows more contact with the material you load it with.

How well does it work?

The Dima is a pretty simple device. You just load it and hit it. I loaded my Dima up with some crumble and pulsed it to melt it to the coils. After this I took a big hit on the max setting. I found this to be much too hot and it made the crumble taste bad. I loaded a bit more and tried it at the lowest setting and found that I got a flavourful cloud that seemed much cleaner. The coils seem to heat up really fast and it does a good job of using up all the material. It operates very well for a device in this price range.

Pros and Cons:


  • Magnetic concentrate container
  • Swivel mouthpiece
  • 3 battery settings


  • A bit too pricey compared to similar devices
  • limited coil options
  • Coils sit very deep in the device

Would I recommend the Dima?

There is a lot of competition out there and in this price range there are some hard to beat devices. The Dima is a little bit pricey at $45 and there are cheaper options if you are willing to forego some features. The Dima would greatly benefit from additional coil options such as a ceramic donut coil. If you are a fan of quartz coils and want an inexpensive device then I would recommend the Dima. If you prefer ceramic atomizers and crucible atomizers the Dima may not be for you as it is limited in the coil options. However you can use donut coils such as the Yocan Evolve Plus donut coils on the Dima if you want to purchase them separately.

Overall it seems like a good device for the price range and fans of quartz coils would likely find the Dima pretty good. So I will give it a passing grade.

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