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Everoll recently contacted me on Reddit and asked me to review their new device called the Cirro. I thought the device seemed decent and agreed to review it if they sent me one. The Cirro can be purchased for under $100 depending on where you order it from.


It arrived with a pretty nice box that hinges open and has everything neatly tucked away. While the packaging is nice it does seem a bit big for the device with a lot of wasted space. The Cirro itself though looks good and feels very solid in the hand.

What’s in the box?

Inside the box is everything you need to use the device. It comes with an instruction leaflet, a braided USB cable, a heavy brush and scraper combo tool, a pipe cleaner, a concentrate pod insert, and some replacement screens for the mouthpiece.

How do you use it?

The Cirro is very similar to any other convection vaporizer, you load it up with ground material and lightly pack it in. You don’t want it packed too tight to keep the heating even. Once you load it up you rotate the mouthpiece and press it into place locking it down. Then you press the button and hold it for two seconds. The Cirro will vibrate to let you know that it’s started heating, then after about 20 seconds it will vibrate a second time and the lights will turn to a solid colour to let you know it’s done heating.

The mouthpiece is released with the press of a button on top and folding the mouthpiece into place. It feels solid and doesn’t feel like it will break any time soon. The mouthpiece is comfortable to use and gets really good airflow. I really like that part of the Cirro.

On the bottom of the Cirro there is also a little spring loaded chamber for storing ground up material. It holds enough to reload the chamber and allows you to reload it on the go. It easily clicks into place and stays in place and releases with a very simple slide of the button.


How well does it work?

I was surprised with how fast and how even the heating was. After 20 seconds the Cirro is hot and ready to use. It also seems to stretch the material much further than other vaporizers. I was able to get longer sessions out of the same amount of material. There was a bit of an off taste that seems to come from the foam it was packed in but I gave it a quick wipe with isopropyl alcohol and by the second bowl the taste was gone. I never stirred the material in the chamber and it still came out very evenly used with no dark or burnt spots. The device seems to operate best on the middle two heating options and there may be a possibility of combustion on the maximum setting but I did not have any combustion in my week of testing.

I was very impressed with how well the Cirro worked overall and it was a nice break from using my other vaporizers while testing it out. I was able to get over a full days use out of the battery and the battery charges very quickly. The herb chamber is a little bit small compared to some devices but holds enough for my needs.

Pros and Cons:


  • Even heating with no hot spots
  • Solid metal design
  • Good airflow and comfortable mouthpiece
  • Long lasting battery that charges fast
  • Simple to load and empty
  • Herb storage container built in


  • Maximum heat setting a bit too hot
  • Small herb chamber


The Cirro is definitely a good contender for the under $100 category and I think I will be using it for the foreseeable future. I was very impressed with how well it worked and how much more I was able to get out of my material than other devices such as the Pax. The metal body makes it feel like a quality device and it operates like a high end device. So I will give the Cirro a passing grade and highly recommend it if someone is looking for a device under $100.

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