Dazzvape is a new brand from Everoll. They have been releasing unique dry herb, wax, and CBD vaporizers recently and their newest product is the Dazzvape Acus. It features a dipping atomizer reminiscent of a Nectar collector but uses a built-in absorbent ceramic atomizer instead of external heat. It also includes a more standard atomizer that is also made of an absorbent ceramic and includes a cap to keep it contained.

What’s in the box?

The Acus and the spare atomizer.

Inside the box are the very basics with nothing extra. The top portion contains the vape pen itself with the dipping atomizer installed and the dabbing atomizer on the side.

In the lower portion is the charging cable, a dab tool, and a cleaning brush. It also comes with a very basic instruction manual. The manual just covers the basics of how to turn it on, use it, and clean it.

The charger, cleaning brush, and dab tool.

How do you use it?

The Acus is a two-way airflow vaporizer that lets you use it in two different ways. The vapour goes around the battery when you use it as a dipping style vaporizer and it goes the other way when using the dab style atomizer. This means that the battery is in the path of the air.

The Acus with the pieces removed.

There are two ways to use the Acus. The first way is to use it as a dipping vaporizer using their pre-installed atomizer. You can pre-heat the atomizer by double-clicking the button and waiting 10 seconds. Then you just dip the atomizer in your concentrate and inhale at the same time.

Dipping the atomizer straight into the stash. You can see the vapour coming out of it because I’m not inhaling.
The dipping atomizer with all of the pieces removed.

The second option is to use the dabbing coil. This is a small porous ceramic atomizer that soaks up your concentrates. It also has a cap to contain any splashes that may occur. You can use this atomizer with runny or solid concentrates.

A fresh dabbing atomizer.
The dabbing atomizer next to its cap.
A used dabbing atomizer with another hit loaded.
A dabbing atomizer with a dab melted and soaked into the ceramic.

How well does it work?

It works pretty efficiently and the heating on it is very quick. It features a 350mAh 3.6V battery which means it will last around a day of light use. There is an off taste at first so I recommend heating up the atomizer for a few cycles to sterilize the atomizer. The taste of the concentrates is pretty good using the atomizers, although you do need to clean them regularly to prevent build-up from making it taste bad. Eventually it the taste degrades and it becomes unpleasant tasting even after cleaning.

The Acus. Ready to go.

The dipping atomizer instantly reminded me of a nectar collector since you dip the heated atomizer straight into the concentrate. You heat up the atomizer by double-clicking and waiting 10 seconds for it to finish heating up. After it’s done heating you just dip it and inhale. The vapour quality isn’t great and it does a minimally acceptable job. Unfortunately, it tends to burn the concentrate causing a burnt taste.

It will soak up some concentrate into the porous ceramic so you want to make sure you finish what’s soaked up before dipping it again. You can put the cap back on and vaporize what’s soaked in like a standard vaporizer, but it tends to cause a mess. It would work better with a non-porous material and a lower temperature.

The dabbing atomizer works more like an old school wax pen. You just load it up, put the cap back on, and inhale. It also tends to run too hot and burn the wax. If you pulse the battery well enough you can use it without burning, but the coil does run too hot.

After a handful of uses, the air path will begin to clog up and it’s pretty difficult to clean. If you don’t clean it, it will become completely clogged and impossible to use.

Pros and Cons:


  • Quick heating
  • Simple to use
  • Low cost
  • Preheat function
  • Multiple atomizers


  • Battery in the air path
  • Small battery capacity
  • Small capacity in dabbing atomizer
  • Runs too hot
  • Burns concentrates
  • Clogs easily


Overall the Dazzvape Acus seems like a device that might have worked with some better tweaks. Dazzvape aimed to make a wax pen that you dip straight into concentrates and they achieved that, but it doesn’t do a great job. It is a bit of a concern about the battery being in the air path so you do need to keep that in consideration. The taste of the concentrates is burnt and it is very difficult to clean. It can produce some large clouds off of it and should satisfy people who love large hits but it is not great if you care about taste more

I won’t be giving the Acus a passing grade. There are a few tweaks that need to be done to make it acceptable. The cons outweigh the pros on this one.

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