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Edit (Sept 9th, 2017): Since the review I have decided to go back to the donut coil from the Evolve Plus using the Magneto battery. The Miracle-B is pretty good at first but the taste diminishes pretty quick. The Magneto mouthpiece with the donut coil is my new go-to for now. The problem with the Miracle-B is that the battery is too powerful for it. Hard to notice at first but you eventually notice scorching and carbon build up from it. While I think the Magneto battery is a bad match with the Miracle-B, the Magneto body with the Evolve Plus donut atomizers is a solid combination.

Disclaimer: The device was sent to me at no cost so keep that in mind.


The Magneto is one of the recently released wax pens from Yocan, the device with that impressive looking Miracle-B atomizer, the creative magnetic coil cap, to the built-in silicone jar on it for carrying your concentrates.

I received my review device from Yocan today so it was definitely time to see what it can do.


Inside the box I am greeted by a device that looked incredibly similar to the Yocan Evolve Plus until I put my well used Plus next to it.  The Magneto is smaller and sleeker by a little bit.


There’s not much in the box but that’s to be expected since the Magneto is filled with features that make it all you need. As you can see in the leaflet there are some things you’d never see anywhere else.


Like the Plus, the Magneto has a built-in silicone container for carrying your concentrate with you at all times. Also, a dab tool built into the coil cap to both stop your concentrate from splashing all over the place, and to make it incredibly easy to scoop up your concentrate and put in on your atomizer. Which is a Miracle-B atomizerfor a smooth taste without any harshness that you can get from quartz.


Loading it is as easy as it can get. You just grab some concentrate with the coil cap and put it back on. This puts the concentrate right next to the atomizer where it melts into it. Then you’re ready to fly. This thing delivers impressive sized clouds and tastes so smooth with that atomizer. It’s a welcome change from my ceramic donut in the Plus.

Here it is after a light hit so you can see how it melts.

It’s a 1100mah battery which is the same as the Plus, which lasts me more than long enough for a full day at a time. It comes in a number of colours from the typical black and silver, to Orange, red and blue. It’s also 510 threaded so you can use the old Yocan Plus coils if you needed to in a pinch.

It’s also 510 threaded so you can use the old Yocan Plus coils if you needed to in a pinch.



  • Magnetic connection for mouthpiece
  • Compatible with other Yocan products
  • Built in storage container
  • Battery lasts a while


  • Battery and atomizer are not a good match.
  • Dab tool coil cap can damage the atomizer.

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