AirVape has been around for a while, and for the most part, I’ve been a fan. I still use the AirVape X daily (read that review HERE). So I was pretty excited when the Legacy PRO was announced. AirVape was kind enough to send me a device to review.

AirVape has been working on updating their devices with a new design and engineering team, so I’m curious if it can fix some of the faults of the original Legacy. AirVape claims that the Legacy PRO is the best vape on the market and a Mighty killer, which is a pretty bold claim. Let’s put that to the test.

What’s in the box?

Inside the box is a pretty standard assortment of goodies. It comes with a brush, USB-C charging cable, a couple replacement screens, a wax pad for using concentrates, a few alcohol swabs, and replacement rubber gaskets. Nothing too special in here, but it contains everything you’ll need to get started.

One good thing is that the Legacy PRO uses a replaceable 18650 battery, and it includes one 3200mAh battery installed.

I really like how the Legacy PRO looks. The fabric panels with the vegan leather sides make it look pretty slick. The black accented with the gold gives it a subtle flair.

How do you use it?

This is where the benefits of the Legacy PRO starts to show. It has a shallow and wide heating chamber, making it easier to load or empty. All you have to do is flip open the lid and it’s all there, easily dumped out, no need to pick around with a tool to get it out.

It does come with an integrated tool if it was packed a bit too tight and needs a bit of assistance to come loose.

Three clicks gets the Legacy PRO heating up. Set it to whatever temperature you tend to like best (personally, I like it around 385 °F). It heats up really fast, and in no time you’ll feel the vibration letting you know it’s ready to hit. Press it three more times to turn it back off.

There are a few settings that you might find useful as well. Pressing the Up + Power buttons cycles between 3, 5, and 10 minute sessions. To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, press the Power + Down buttons.

To switch to On-Demand mode, press the Up + Down buttons to activate it, then hold the power button when hitting.

How well does it work?

Let’s get this out of the way right away. The Legacy PRO is not a “Mighty killer”, but it’s punching in the same category. It’s really hard to claim either vape is better or worse, they are both great devices that will make you happy. One isn’t particularly better than the other. I would consider them pretty close to equal, coming down to personal preference.

That’s not to say the Legacy PRO isn’t a good device, it’s just that the mighty is on top for a good reason, and matching it isn’t going to be easy, let alone ‘kill’ it.

I also like how easy the unloading and unloading is. It also includes quick access to remove the airpath for cleaning and to swap the battery. The USB-C charging is also very welcome these days and it’s a good thing more companies are adopting the port. It also includes wireless charging if you have a charger already. The Legacy PRO definitely does some things very well.

It’s also really fast. Heating up to 400 °F in about 15 seconds. Something I find useful when I want to use an on-demand vape.

Which brings me to the built-in on-demand mode. It does what it says, allowing it to heat up when you hold the button and cool down when you release it, it’s not any faster than a normal pre-heat, but it gives you the benefit of not being able to forget about it after setting it down. It’s a nice feature to have included.

But it’s not all great. One other thing I noticed is slightly uneven heating. This is something the original Legacy struggled with, and while the Legacy PRO does do a better job, it’s still a touch uneven for my tastes. Without stirring, when you dump it there will be noticeable spots where it is darker. I’ve seen much worse, but I’ve also seen better, it’s pretty middle of the road in evenness, but for the price tag, I would hope it was a bit better.

The potential for combustion is also stronger in this than other vapes. You probably want to keep the temperature a little bit lower than you’re used to as on higher temperatures it is possible to combust. Make sure you don’t accidentally set the temp too high and hit it in wax mode.

These negatives can generally be avoided by lowering the temp a bit more than usual, but if you’re a fan of the high temp hits in the 430 °F range, you may encounter some charring.

Cleaning the Legacy PRO is simple. The airpath can easily be removed for cleaning and the heating chamber is shallow and wide, making it easy to dump out and brush clean. The mouthpiece also comes apart for easy cleaning.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast heat-up time
  • Cool vapor
  • Replaceable 18650 battery
  • USB-C and wireless charging
  • Easily load and unload the chamber
  • Easy cleaning
  • Includes an on-demand mode


  • Slightly uneven heating
  • Oven temperature seems warmer than set temp


The AirVape Legacy PRO is certainly a step in the right direction and does improve on the original Legacy. It doesn’t quite live up to the ‘Mighty Killer’ moniker but I do feel it is very close. Some people may prefer this and some may prefer the mighty. If you can get the Legacy PRO for cheaper than the mighty, then it would be a solid choice. The vape itself is fine, I actually have been enjoying it quite a lot in testing. If you can get it on sale or through the upgrade program, you will likely be happy with it.

3 thoughts on “AirVape Legacy PRO

  1. Don’t buy this vape. I was cleaning it with the cleaning tools provided according to the instructions from the manufacturer and the tip of the q-tip that they provided broke off in the small area where the glass air way connects. I destroyed the rubber gromet (seems glued in) trying to get the cotton out, which I was unable to do. I now after owning this device for a few months at most have a $270 useless chunk of e-waste. I do not recommend this product. Please get something easier to clean!

    1. Hi Kyle,

      I will recommend that you reach out to the customer service at AirVape. They are very helpful and in my experience will help you with this. It isn’t the easiest device to clean, something like the Solo II or the tinymight are great for cleaning.

      The best place to post your feedback for this vape would be the fuckcombustion forum where AirVape regularly checks the comments and feedback and other users can read your experience.

      1. Air vape did stand behind their product and send me a replacement (which I wasn’t expecting.) So I’m glad they stand behind their products. However I would still recommend finding something easier to clean. Overall it is a decent vape though, I just wish it was easier to clean.

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