Exodus Cheese – August 2020

Chronic Post sent me a few strains to sample and this is the first strain I tried. A great smelling strain. It has a very pungent smell that has notes of diesel and a slightly floral tone to it. I’d definitely consider it a quad strain. Smell is a 9.5/10

The taste is much more floral than the smell and has a smooth finish to it where the more diesel tastes come through. taste is a 9/10

It hits hard leaving my brain feeling a bit foggy at first as it mellows into a relaxing high great for watching Netflix or playing games.

I’d say the value is 8/10 and the quality is 9/10. A great strain worth a try.

Ice Cream – August 2020

This strain has a much more muted smell than yesterdays. It’s a pungent smell closer to a kush than the sweet smell the website claims. The sweeter smell starts to come through once it’s heated up in my vape. I’ll give the smell a 7.5/10.

The taste is much closer to the reported sweet, fruity smell. The taste is smooth and sweet with a strong kush-like taste to it. It tastes better than it smells. The taste in my vape is a 8.5/10

The effects are really where this strain shines though. It hits quick with a head rush that mellows out over the next 20 minutes to a more calm, relaxed feeling. Great for mellowing out after a busy day or just for chilling out on lazy days. Makes you pretty sleepy as the high starts to wear off. I’ll give the effects an 9/10

The value to me is 8/10 and the quality is a 8/10.

Ghost OG – August 2020

The smell on this one is very kushy, I’m barely noticing the Afghan in this. The smell is mostly kush with just a hint of sweetness. I’ll give the smell an 7.5/10

The taste is pretty different to the smell, almost spicy or earthy with a hint of pine. I’d say the taste is 8/10

The effects on this are heavy. It’s pretty relaxing and not something you’d want to smoke if you had stuff to do. Makes your mind pretty hazy. The effects are a 9/10

Overall a pretty decent strain. I’d rate the Value at 8/10 and the quality at an 8.5/10

Valley Rockstar – August 2020

Here is how I feel about the Valley Rockstar

It has an interesting smell. Pungent and earthy with almost sour notes. Hints of skunk and citrus. A very strong smell and makes your whole room reek.

The taste very much like the smell. Earthy and very pungent. The heat brings out an almost flowery taste as well. Very pleasant.

The effects are very physical. My head still feels pretty clear but I feel quite loose and relaxed. This is a great strain for relaxation.

I like this strain so far. I’d say the Value is an 9/10 and the quality is a 9/10

Death Star – August 2020

This strain has a very interesting smell. There are notes of citrus and pine combined with the smell of Sour Diesel. Very strong smelling once ground up.

The taste has a lot more diesel than the smell. Also very earthy with hints of pepper and skunk. A strong pungent taste that sticks around for a while. Great if you like funky bud.

The high on this strain was stronger than I expected. Very relaxing with a slight euphoria. Great for muscle pain or just watching Netflix and chilling. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere after smoking it because it makes my chair too comfy.

I’ll rate the value at a 9/10 and the quality at a 9/10. I love this strain and recommend it if you’re a fan of funky bud.

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